Purchasing, reselling, and recycling of OA equipments


2008/7/1 Our own Home page is established!

2008/8/1 We opened Osaka branch.

2008/9/30  Home page is updated.

2010/12/20  Osaka branch is moved

 Taisei's main activity is to purchase resell
 used OA equipments.
 Collected stuffs are going to be recycled
 in foreign market.
We purchase PC, copieror other OA equipments
that are currently not in usein your company.
We are here to help you! Don’t hesitate to ask
consultation or any kindsof questions.

Product Information
   NEC α3530    RICOH MP9000    XEROX DocuPrint205
α3530 realizes smooth
documentaion through
internet / intranet.
It also accomplishes to
redece TCO or improve
worktime efficiency by
saving your company's
printing cost.
MP9000 prevents to
have unprinted white
papermixed by using
detecteing function.
It's also installed
high-speed printing
system (90papers/minute)
as well.
DocuPrint205 is a highlyproductive
A3-sizedmonochrome printer that
contributes for efficient printing.
You'reable to not only choose
the amount of paper
cassette but alsoexecute
special printingby
using universal cassette.
  *We have various kind of products more than you see above. Please feel free to ask us about anything.


Purchasing, reselling, and recycling of OA equipments
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